GR & Cutting Wheel

Premium Line 5″ Diamond Cutting Disc
Equidist segment technology for highest cutting speed and long life – Hilti patented steel center design for less noise and lower vibration resulting in maximum working comfort..
DC-D Classic Line 4″,5″,7″,9″ Diamond Cutting Disc
Outperform and outlast with Hilti’s new line of Universal Premium diamond blades. Designed for use in a variety of concrete and masonry base materials. The DC-UP line provides a good balance of speed and life.
DG-CW Classic Line 4″,5″,7″ Diamond cupwheel
Segment height, Steel body with cooling holes, Quality-tested as per EN 13236. Application : Grinding concrete and natural stone, Smoothing and removing surplus concrete (formwork joints), Removing coatings
AC-D Metal cutting Disc 4″,5″,7″,9″ Abrasive Disc
Cut steel and other metals easily with Hilt abrasive discs. Their aggressive cutting characteristics and high rate of material removal combined with long life bring greater efficiency to a whole range of cutting, rough grinding and finishing jobs.
AG-D Metal granding Disc 4″,5″,7″,9″ Abrasive Disc
The professional’s choice: Hilti’s new line of high quality abrasive blades were developed to bring safety, productivity and the latest innovation in metalworking directly to professionals. This universal performance thin cutting wheel has a more flexibl